The CAD Contest at ICCAD is a challenging, multi-month, research and development competition, focusing on advanced, real-world problems in the field of Electronic Design Automation (EDA). It is open to multi-person teams world-wide. Each year the organizing committee announce three challenging problems in different topic areas provided by industrial companies. Contestants can participate in one or more problems. The prizes will be awarded at an ICCAD special session dedicated to this contest.

Since its inaugural year of 2012, the CAD Contest at ICCAD has been attracting more than a hundred teams per year, fostering productive industry-academia collaborations, and leading to hundreds of publications in top-tier conferences and journals. The contest undoubtedly boosts EDA research and keeps enhancing its impact.

Contest Problems

Problem A
Multi-bit Large-scale Boolean Matching
(Cadence Design Systems, Inc.)
Problem B
3D Placement with Macros
(Synopsys, Inc.)
Problem C
Static IR drop estimation using machine learning
(Arizona State University)

Tentative Schedule
Registration deadline 2023.05.10 17:00:00 (GTM+8)
Alpha test submission 2023.06.19 17:00:00 (GTM+8)
Beta test submission 2023.07.24 17:00:00 (GTM+8)
Final submission
2023.08.28 17:00:00 (GTM+8)
Award ceremony October 29 - November 2, 2023

Awards for each Problem
1st Place Award

NTD 70,000 / team (approx. US$ 2,350)
Certificate / person
2nd Place Award

NTD 40,000 / team (approx. US$ 1,350)
Certificate / person
3rd Place Award
NTD 40,000 / team (approx. US$ 1,350)
Certificate / person
Honorable Mentions
Certificate / person
   ***Important Notice***
1. The recipients of monetary awards must be students.
2. The amount of monetary awards in US dollars may change due to currency fluctuation.
3. According to the Law of Taiwan, 10% of the monetary award will be deducted if the recipient is a Taiwanese taxpayer, whereas it is 20% if the recipient is a non-Taiwanese taxpayer.
4. We reserve the right to adjust the numbers of prize winners and honorable mentions.

Organizing Committee

Contest Chair Takashi Sato
Kyoto University, Japan
Contest Co-chairs Chun-Yao Wang
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Tsung-Wei Huang
University of Utah, USA

Yu-Guang Chen
National Central University, Taiwan

Topic Chairs
Chung-Han Chou, Chih-Jen (Jacky) Hsu, Chi-An (Rocky) Wu, Kuan-Hua Tu, and Kei-Yong Khoo
(Cadence Design Systems, Inc.)

Kai-Shun Hu, Hao-Yu Chi, I-Jye Lin, Yi-Hsuan Wu, Wei-Hsu Chen, and Yi-Ting Hsieh
(Synopsys, Inc.)

Vidya Chhabria
(Arizona State University)

IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation

ACM Special Interest Group on Design Automation

Ministry of Education, Taiwan


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